Two more drownings

Published: Thursday, 05 March 2020

THE body of a woman was pulled from the Ashton Canal this morning (Thursday).

Chesterfield trip boats start at Easter

Published: Thursday, 05 March 2020

THE Chesterfield Canal Trust will be running a host of cruises from three different venues on three different boats starting this coming Easter.

Planning for Crick Boat Show to go ahead

Published: Wednesday, 04 March 2020

WITH waterway events being cancelled due to the threat of coronavirus comes the possibility of the threat to Crick Boat Show.

Not 'Better by Water'

Published: Wednesday, 04 March 2020

I'M AFRAID that your columnist Victor Swift made an omission from his excellent article concerning 'Better by Water', writes Jeffrey Walker.

Two more stoppages

Published: Wednesday, 04 March 2020

IN ADDITION to the three stoppages already reported this week, two more occurred yesterday.

Waterway stoppages pile up

Published: Tuesday, 03 March 2020

IT WOULD appear that the lack of maintenance over the past few years is having its effect, with more waterway stoppages announced.

First of the coronavirus cancellations

Published: Monday, 02 March 2020

ORGANISERS are taking notice of the warnings concerning the coronavirus outbreak.

The river banks are still there

Published: Monday, 02 March 2020

WHEN Victor Swift quoted the Saturday Times in his column, perhaps he should also have pointed out Rose Wild's comment, writes James Henry.

Victor: So it's 'Better by Water'?

Published: Sunday, 01 March 2020

NO ONE can possibly be oblivious to the sheer destruction by the flooding rivers now taking place.

Two boats sink and others damaged in Teddington Lock fire

Published: Friday, 28 February 2020

TeddingtonFiresTWO narrowboats sank and two others were damaged after catching fire at Teddington Lock on the Thames.