Still problems with the Ribble Link

Published: Thursday, 04 July 2024

THERE are still problems with what Canal & River Trust call a tidal stop gate on the Ribble Link.

This means the crossing is still closed, Keith Gudgin reports.

It was on the 28th of June that the trust told that a 'method of repair' was taking place, but now we are only informed that the trust is  'unable to offer a down passage from the Lancaster to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal after considering tides having an impact on safety'.

No information

There is no information of what 'method of repair' was undertaken or what is being done to solve its problem, only that further information will be given next Wednwesday 10th July.

Readers will most likely have read Tony Dunkley's article on this matter, he pointing out there is no such thing as a tidal stop gate, but not only is this closure unnecessary, but the reason given is complete nonsense.