Another beam snapped off

Published: Wednesday, 19 June 2024

A SNAPPED beam on the Perry Barr Flight on the Tame Valley Canal was the start of a bad Monday for Canal & River Trust.

With no less than four stoppages to start the week, as Keith Gudgin reports.

It is the Top Lock of the Perry Barr Flight that was closed with the snapped beam, they getting all too regular with many now 'strapped-up' by varying means.

Aire & Calder

The stoppages during Monday continue with the Aire & Calder Navigation Main Line closed at Ferrybridge Flood Lock. This time it being a 'structure failure'.

SalterhebbleGuillotineWith the downstream motor having failed, but with operatives later on site to hopefully carry out a repair.

Calder & Hebble Navigation

The third closure was the Salterhebble Guillotine Lock that had only been repaired just over a week ago! Once again it is a 'structural failure' that has caused the stoppage.

But we are told the 'Mechanical and Engineering Team' (that's a new one!)  is aware and will be on site as soon as possible.  Hopefully making a better job than the last team.


The fourth closure on the Monday was on the Ouse with the Cawood Swing Bridge on the river out of use.

This time it was North Yorkshire Council that advised Canal & River Trust that a fault had developed with the bridge, currently it is unable to swing.

This time it is 'engineers' that are on site assessing what repairs are needed.

It is understood that some of these stoppages have been cleared.

Continued on to Tuesday

Now on to Tuesday and the Macclesfield Canal is closed between bridges 26 and 27 at Bollington.

This time it is more serious with a leak being discovered against Bridge 26A.

It is at the stage were 'teams and engineers' are on site investigating the leak from the canal but this will require stop planks at the two bridges so the waterway can be drained and the leak can be thoroughly investigated.