Crashed lorry emptied a load of carrots into canal

Published: Wednesday, 19 June 2024

The lorry that crashed into the Kennet & Avon Canal has caused damage to the bridge and the waterway will have to be dredged.

LorryCanalThe dredging is because part of its load of carrots fell into the canal when the vehicle landed in the canal, Janet Friend reports.

Have to be dredged

This means the canal will have to be dredged to clear these and debris that fell into the waterway.

The waterway is now closed to boating and the bridge is now single lane operated by traffic lights.

Canal & River Trust hopes to reopen the waterway within a week but not the towpath, and repairing the bridge will take time.

Rob Coles, Area Operations Manager for the trust told that there would be a 'significant' bill to cover all the damage that includes four metres of wall that the lorry demolished when it went through. he adding:

Full of carrots

"We've got a navigation that should be around 1.2m deep and is now around ankle deep in the middle."

This is as it is full of carrots!