The lock balance beam bodge jobs

Published: Friday, 14 June 2024

SEARCH the waterway internet material as I might, I could find no mention  of the obvious 'bodge jobs' done on lock balance beams, writes T Lang.

But this somewhat follows the trend of 'nothing untoward' about CaRT.  So talk about bias—this is it with knobs on!

Even the various waterway associations do not tell of the many stoppages that must be affecting most boaters (I read in narrowboatworld you were affected on your recent cruise by such a stoppage.)

BrokenLockAnonAffect boaters again

But the array of 'repairs' to lock balance beams instead of doing the work properly means they will be there until they break off, so then they affect the poor 'stuck' boaters again.

If only the associations and publication dare complain, instead of allowing CaRT to get away with such bodges, it would then perhaps do something better.  All I can say (if you will include Tom) is thank God for narrowboatworld.

The boater who sent in the photograph we put on the front page, who did not want his name included, also sent one of the lock's actual break, that is shown here. It being completely broken off and being held by the two strips of metal.—Editor.