An unlucky 13th for stoppages

Published: Friday, 14 June 2024

THURSDAY 13th June was very unlucky indeed for Canal & River Trust.

With four navigations closed as Keith Gudgin reports.

Calder & Hebble Navigation

The Calder & Hebble Navigation was closed with a structure failure on Cromwell Lock 8

The down-stream offside gate collar had snapped, with it no longer safe to operate the lock, so it is closed until a repair can be undertaken.

Latest—a temporary repair has been undertaken but boaters should use with care.

HawleyLockRegentsRegent's Canal

Hawley Lock 2 on the Regent's Canal (pictured) is out of action.

The rack, connecting the rod to the paddle has broken with the lock out of use and the navigation closed.

However there is a possibility of a repair today.

Rochdale Canal

The Rochdale Canal is closed at lock 73 at Ancoats with a more dramatic blown cill that of course is preventing the lock being used. This means navigation is not possible between locks 65 and 80.

The trust is expecting work to start quickly, but a blown cill nowadays is no easy matter.

WinkwellGrand Union

The Wink is on the Blink once again—The Winkwell Swing Bridge (pictured) on the Grand Union at Hemel Hempstead cannot be operated due to a mechanical fault. It failed earlier this month and was repaired on the 8th, but the repair lasted just a week.

This year the swing bridge has failed three times, every time owing to a mechanical fault.

Contractors we are told are in attendance. But perhaps the bridge needs someone who is capable of making a permanent solution to the obvious problem.