Four closures over last two days

Published: Wednesday, 18 October 2023

IN ADDITION to the Glasson Branch Closure, there have been three other closures over the past two days.

These are on the Chesterfield, Grand Union and Aire &  Calder waterways, Keith Gudgin reports.

Chesterfield Canal

The Chesterfield Canal is closed from Boundary Lock (41A) to Norwood Tunnel East Portal.

The closure was caused through lack of water resources owing to low rainfall and diminishing reservoir levels meaning there was no option but to close the waterway as not enough water to allow boat movements.

The latest news is that the waterway will remain closed until the 23rd October, when it is hoped there will be sufficient water to allow navigation.

WinkwellGrand Union Canal

This is a usual stoppage on the Grand Union Canal—the Wink is on the Blink yet again.

Yes, it's the Winkwell Swing Bridge (147) that has been doing very well without a stoppage for many weeks, but now has a mechanical failure that means it has to be closed to waterway traffic for safety.

This is to do with its locking mechanism with the bridge stuck in the position for vehicles. But it is expected to be  attended to today.

Aire & Calder

The Aire & Calder seems to be getting  more stoppages these days with now Bank Dole Lock (5) not working.

This it is stated is caused by the bottom riverside lock gate suffering a structural failure.

It has been inspected by engineers who have advised the lock must be closed until suitable repairs to its gate can be undertaken.

It is not expected that the lock will reopen until sometime next week.