Will encourage people to leave boating

Published: Friday, 22 September 2023

THE decision to up the boat licence cost to above inflation every year for the next five years will further encourage people to leave boating, writes John Pickering.

I for one get the impression that there is a scheme afoot to close the canals, what with boat licence increases, the lack of facilities and the cutting-off of miles of moorings.

Tell of stoppages

As a continuous cruiser and one who reports failings to Canal & River Trust, as do many others of our breed, so as we are being decimated, who will tell them of the stoppages?

By the lack of facilities I refer to the closing of services along the waterways and those out of action for months.

The cutting-off of moorings I of course refer to the miles of overgrown foliage right on the towpath side of the canals that prevent you getting your boat in to moor as your Victor told of his recent cruise on the three waterways.

We will not be told

A year from now I bet there will be less boats on the waterways, but we will not be told that, only that 'boating is more popular than ever', as we get from time to time.

I cannot stand any further increases and 'above inflation' means again we boaters will be skimmed to provide the salaries for all those non-waterway directors, managers and what have you, plus their support staff and not let's forget all those lawyers they now pay.