Flotilla will head for Westminster

Published: Friday, 22 September 2023

A FLOTILLA of boats will be on its way in November to Westminster to support Fund Britain’s Waterways.

The boats will  take to the tidal Thames and gather by the Houses of Parliament to support the campaign of Fund Britain's Waterway for more money for the waterways.

ParliamentSSt Pancras Cruising Club

The event is being organised by the St Pancras Cruising Club, that has organised previous campaigns on the Thames, with this one taking place on Tuesday 14th November.

Boats will gather on the Friday the 10th, Saturday the 11th and Sunday 12th in Limehouse Basin, with boaters being asked to register their interest in the meantime, with information then sent out.

Overnight moorings

On Monday 13th November the boats from Limehouse will utilise the locks to cruise to Bow Creek for overnight moorings.

Then on Tuesday 14th November the boats will cruise to the Houses of Parliament, to highlight the problem of lack of money for the waterways then to West India Dock for overnight moorings, then take their various ways to their moorings.