What about continous cruisers with motorbikes?

Published: Saturday, 23 September 2023

THERE has been a successful crackdown on towpath motorbikes Canal & River Trust boast, writes Bernard Gilpin.

But what about us continuous cruisers who carry a motorbike or e-scooter to be able to get about, especially when moored away from bus routes or wanting to visit a surgery or post office, relations, etc?

Plenty of us

There are plenty of us with such on the waterways, especially as e-scooters are getting more popular and can be charged from a boat. I was stopped and told to get off the towpath with my motorbike, but I had nothing to show the person (not sure if he was official or not) that I lived in a boat.

The trust is forking-out for a vehicle and equipment as well as staff to locate bikes then transporting them to a police station which is all well and good but what about its paying customers who get trapped?

There has to be some method of proving I am using the towpath on my bike legitimately to get to and from my home.  In the meantime I am carrying my boat documents in case I get caught again.