Elsans out of service

Published: Wednesday, 16 August 2023

OVER the last three weeks or so I’ve had notifications of one after the other of Elsans being out of service, reports Brian Jarrett.

Not just one or two but several he reports and wonders if it could be due to inappropriate plumbing repairs or might it be the disposal of so called 'composting' toilet waste blocking the system?

He reports that Fradley was one and Nantwich was another and there were a few others but he can’t remember where.

Not a good reputation

Elsans and services don't have such a good reputation, possibly because of the way they are used, as looking back into the past we notice that Braunston was out of order, also the ones at Stonebridge Lock on the Lee Navigation and Wheaton Aston on the Shroppie.

One boater complained of the services at Loughborough that had a combination lock installed.  Not knowing the number he rang for help but there was no answer.


Milton Keynes facilities were removed some years ago.

All facilities were closed at the Anderson Boat Lift on May Day as there were no staff!