The noises Victor missed

Published: Monday, 07 August 2023

WHEN Mercia Marina and Barton Turns marinas were first opened I was one of the exodus of boaters from Sawley Marina, writes Sidney Boswelll.

For older boaters it was the mostly difficult 'Terrible Six' locks that they were pleased to get rid of, but for us younger ones it was the noise (we obviously had better hearing!) and being on the residents' moorings, and the M1 up on an embankment after crossing the road by the entrance to the marina was just too much with its constant noise. So like many others I left to get some quiet.

Correct Victor

But I must correct your Victor on his list of the various noises we had to put up with at Sawley! There were also the bikes on the waste ground just across the road from the residents' moorings, and there were other very loud noises that he also missed—the National Circuit at Donington Park, just over the M1 with its screeching (I used the word purposely) motorbikes that you can certainly hear, particularly at the week-ends when they are racing and in the week when it is used for practice. Sorry Victor.