Woman in car plunged into Macclesfield Canal

Published: Wednesday, 10 July 2024

AN ELDERLY woman had a very lucky escape when her can plunged into the Macclesfield Canal.

This occurred on Monday with the car being completely submerged between bridges 3 and 4 at Macclesfield, Janet Friend reports.

CarInMaccQuick response

There was a quick response from the emergency services with both fire crews and paramedics attending. The Manchester Evening News understands the woman managed to free herself from the vehicle.

The firefighters used a long-reach pole to help get her out of the water to safety with an ambulance taking her to hospital where she recovered from her ordeal.

The waterway is closed between the two bridges, but Canal & River Trust are liaising with those involved in the removal of the vehicle.

LATEST—the car has been removed ans the navigation reopened.