Deteriorating lock closes Shroppie

Published: Thursday, 13 June 2024

SO MANY boaters have complained about Hack Green Lock 2 on the Shropshire Union Canal, that Canal & River Trust have decided to close it for repair.

HackGreenLock2The lock was due for attention in next winters' stoppages, but it has deteriorated so much that the trust has had no option but to close it for repairs, Keith Gudgin reports.

The trust admits that following multiple customer concerns about the operation of Lock 2 Hack Green on the Shropshire Union Canal, the Trust’s engineers have recently carried out a further inspection.

Deteriorated rapidly

This lock is scheduled for repair during the 2024/25 winter stoppage programme, but it has deteriorated rapidly over recent weeks, leaking excessively, and making it difficult to operate.

So now emergency repairs are to be carried out to prevent further deterioration or failure. However it will not be until Monday 24th June that contractors will start work, to be completed early in July.