Leicester lock remains unsafe

Published: Wednesday, 16 August 2023

THE Canal & River Trust reveal that North Lock in Leicester on the Leicester Section is unsafe.

Only limited access is available, Keith Gudgin reports.

This will not be until next week on Monday and Friday in the afternoon only between the hours of 1pm and 3pm, with pre-booking required on the day previous to use.

Now unsafe

This is the result of the assessment of the lock yesterday, it being discovered it is now unsafe for boaters to operate the lock themselves. There have been problems with the lock since the 18th of July.

Bookings can be made by telephone to 0303 040 4040 (option 2 then 5, for East Midlands) as the trust need to speak to boaters about the arrangements.

This assisted passage will continue until it is repaired, which should be around the middle of September.