Rochdale closed a month with no end in sight

Published: Friday, 04 August 2023

ROCHDALE Canal was closed at Princess Street Lock (87) a month ago on the 6th July.

Thus shutting down the Rochdale Nine in Manchester, Keith Gudgin reports.

But it seems this will be yet another long stoppage as contractors have attended the site this week and conducted further investigations but were unable to do anything.

Rochdate87Contractors at a loss

Due to the complexity of the repair required for the damaged heel post the contractors are at a loss 'to facilitate the repair', and the works have now been referred to the North West Reactive Team.

Of course it is now in the process of 'establishing a new method of repair' and liaising with third parties regarding a necessary bus lane closure, which is necessary Canal & River Trust explain, before any work can be undertaken.

In the meantime, Deansgate Lock (91) to Dale Street Lock (84) are padlocked to prevent access on to the Rochdale Nine.

Another Rochdale stoppage

There is yet another Rochdale stoppage, with today Lock 79 at Miles Platting, due to an issue with a top gate paddle.

'The team' is expected to be on site today to investigate.