Cannot discover reason why Huddersfield Narrow closed since June!

Published: Thursday, 03 August 2023

IT WAS way back at the end of June that the Huddersfield Narrow Canal was closed.

This was due to lack of water at Lock 1E, Keith Gudgin reports.

Huddersfield 1EMany attempts to solve

Since that there have been many attempts to solve the problem realising it was a leak, but without any success at finding it.

At one time it was told that the locks would reopen on Wednesday 19th July, but that did not happen.

Then they decided to drain the pound above to see if Lock 1E will refill, with the stoppage then extended to Lock 3E.

Still leak not found

But still the leak was not found even though they fully checked the state of lock 1E, as well as the pound above and it was then thought the issue causing water levels to drop is in the lock itself.

It was then arranged for a team to come and grout the lock, which should improve the water retention, but did not.

And so it went on, week after week, with the waterway closed throughout the whole of July, with no idea where the canal was leaking, only that it was.

Do not know where it is

It is now thought the leakage is through a void, but yesterday, Wednesday, the contractors finally admitted they do not know where it is!

And the latest from Canal & River Trust—'We are going to do further investigations to try to get to the root cause of why water is leaking from this lock'. 

And all the while the Huddersfield Narrow is closed.