But for how long?

Published: Friday, 09 December 2022

IN REPORTING that Crabtree Swing Bridge is repaired and re-opened, Keith Gudgin asks—but for how long?

CrabtreeThe Leeds & Liverpool swing bridge failed earlier this week as did Micklethwaite Swing Bridge on the same navigation, and though Crabtree (pictured) has re-opened having been repaired again Micklethwaite has not.

Universal comment

Keith's comment is universal, with swing bridges being 'repaired' and failing time after time, Crabtree having failed in June, September and November, though one failure was caused by a lorry striking the lifting arm.

It is now a game of chance for boaters cruising the Leeds & Liverpool Canal with its many swing bridges that only too often are out of order with the navigation closed.

One hire company director told us he advises hirers not to make 'tight' schedules for their cruising, with these failures in mind.