The bad decision

Published: Thursday, 08 December 2022

LEARNING that the metamorphosis of British Waterways into a trust caused it to rely on contractors made it a very bad decision indeed, writes T. Lang.

Obviously resulting in so many reports of failing repairs and the protracted time taken for such repairs. Some idea of the working  practice of the chosen contractor should have been gleaned  when it overran the time taken in the widening of the M1 in Derbyshire by over a year, even then needing much resurfacing.

Inordinate time taken

All too often have many in your columns compared work done under the old regime with this new one, quoting the inordinate time taken by the contractors in comparison with the staff of British Waterways with work by the contractors often requiring further attention after what can only be bodged work that has again failed.

Swing bridges are a case in point, that have supposedly been repaired by contractors, yet then again fail so needing further repairs, clearly showing the incapability of those 'attempting' the work.

If this was the means by the government for Canal & River Trust becoming self dependent, it was a bad decision, as it has obviously failed,