Peak Forest Canal reopens at last

Published: Wednesday, 26 October 2022

IT TOOK just over two weeks, but at last the Peak Forest Canal has reopened.

It was way back on Sunday 9th of October that a 'void' closed the waterway between bridges 1 and 3 but now it has been plugged, Keith Gudgin reports.

Approach with caution

However, boaters are advised to approach the area with caution as a 'sealing sheet' has been installed over the leak that might not be too robust to stand the passage of speeding boats.

As the failure of Wood End Lift Bridge has also been resolved, the Peak Forest is now completely open.


We have been reminded by Ian Jewell that the Peak Forest Canal is not open as the Marple Flight is closed. Our appologies, but with so many closures under CaRT it is difficult to keep track!