What's stopping the lock gate closing?

Published: Wednesday, 26 October 2022

IT WAS early on Monday that it was discovered the down-stream gate of Sawley Flood Lock on the Trent would not close.

SawleyLockGateThis meant that as the river was running high it was impossible to open the top gates, with boats being unable to reach the safety of Sawley Cut off the river.

Impossible to move

But no matter how much effort was made to dislodge whatever was stopping the gate closing it proved impossible to move, even with a boat being used to facilitate getting right over the top of the obstruction, it was still too heavy to to lift.

There were numerous suggestions as to  what it might be, as it was obviously something thrown from the road bridge that runs by the gates, with the idea put forward by Keith that it was robbers getting rid of a burgled safe to get rid of the evidence, being the most attractive!

The latest is that a further boat equipped to lift the obstruction is to be used in an effort to free the lock gate.

Photographs showing the stuck gate and the boats waiting, by Jan Green. [Tuesday  31st October. The lock is now operational.]