Work on the Nottingham & Beeston Canal

Published: Monday, 06 May 2024

THE Nottingham & Beeston Canal is currently closed with work underway.

This is to higher the bank on the navigation in Nottingham to prevent the towpath, that is widely used, from flooding.

The work started on Monday 29th April and is expected to last four weeks, with piling and brickwork being used to higher the bank. This taking the work to Friday 31st of May, with contractors involved,

UNottsTowpathFloodsFailure of wall

It is owing to the failure of a wall near Castle Wharf causing water to flood the towpath, that the work is being undertaken. (Picture by Canal & rRiver Trust.)

Nottingham City Council tells that the repairs are costing £106,000 to help prevent flooding and improve a city's cycle network' as, it is stated, the towpath has become dangerous for walkers and cyclists. The money for the work was granted by the Department for Transport's Transforming Cities Fund and is being given to Canal & River Trust to pay for the work, with a spokesman from the council telling:

"In undertaking these works it will help preserve and enhance the canal, which forms part of Nottingham's strategic cycle network and is promoted as a leisure route for both walking and cycling under the banner of the Big Track."

LATEST—We are informed that the waterway is open for navigation and only the towpath is affected.