Three stoppages caused by broken paddles

Published: Wednesday, 08 May 2024

THE stoppages are now coming fast over the past two days.

Monday saw the Grand Union closed at Hemel Hempstead.

This was caused by a lock gate paddle failure at Fisheries Lock 53 and also operational issues, Keith Gudgin reports.

WinkwellWinkwell on the blink

Another stoppage on the Grand Union, this time the regular one of the Winkwell Swing Bridge (pictured) that has a mechanical fault.

Then it's the Rochdale that is out of action with a more serious problem of a broken cill on Lock 57.

The Macclesfield is closed, again with paddle problems on Lock 10 on Bosley Flight and subsequently the flight padlocked to prevent navigation.

Another broken paddle

The Severn is closed at Belvere Lock 7, caused by a broken paddle again, making it three in two days.

But this time it seems serious as a plan is having to be put together to repair the paddle.

So altogether five stoppages in the last two days.

LATEST—The Winkwell Swing Bridge has been fixed.