Boats ARE fitted with generators

Published: Monday, 06 December 2021

I MUST contradict Damian who complained that boats are not being fitted with 240 volts generators, writes T Lang.

Both my boats have been fitted with 240 volts generators, the last one built by Stoke Boatbuilders at Longport, who regularly provide builds with such generators, they being able to be switched out of use if not wanted whilst cruising.


I found much of Damian's output in Boaters Update was flawed and boils down to little more than an extension to CaRT's propaganda, so stopped receiving it.

It is annoying that someone who is obviously more in touch with CaRT than those on the 'outside' is obviously not allowed to 'tell it as it is' as you never hear of such as the lack of maintenance or the real state of todays' waterways.