Slowly does it

Published: Monday, 06 December 2021

THERE seems to be little hurry in repairing the current breaches that have closed two waterways.

Slow progress

Canal & River Trust keep on telling of having to establish a working site at the breach at Riston on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal, whilst it informs of the slow progress of establishing a causeway on the Kennet & Avon Canal at the breach at Reading, Keith Gudgin reports..

On the Leeds & Liverpool there have been delays in establishing a working compound adjacent to the site of the breach yet it is also stated that access tracks have to be created, which have being going on since the 12th of October when the usual 'determine a method of repair' was given—two months ago!

We are informed the breach will be repaired in March of next year.

At Reading

As to the other breach at Reading on the Kennet & Avon, that also occurred in October, work on the actual breach has not yet commenced, only a causeway constructed.

Again it started with 'our engineers are currently assessing the viability of all options and designing a repair in order to get the navigation open as soon as possible'.

But 'soon as possible' is anyones' guess as this statement was issued way back in October, and all there is to show is a causeway.

Action promised

The latest update though promises action, as we are told the breach will be closed 'within the first 10 days of December'.

In the days of British Waterways in a situation where there was a long delay, a crane and lorry would be provided to rescue the stranded boats.  Those days, it seems, are gone.

As it slowly does it...