Grand Union reopens at Stoke Bruerne

Published: Thursday, 11 November 2021

THE broken heel post on a lock gate on the Grand Union Canal at Stoke Bruerne has been repaired.

stoke bruerne400The navigation was reopened yesterday, Wednesday, allowing the boats stuck at the flight to proceed, Keith Gudgin reports.

Taken away for repair

It was on the 3rd of November when Lock 14—the top lock of the flighthad a bottom gate taken away for repairs, that was completed and is now fixed in position with a new heel post and the navigation reopened.

Up to the time the gate was removed narrowboats were able to use the lock with assistance, but broad beams could not, but now of course it is open to all.

A week to repair

When the gate was removed, Canal & River Trust stated it would take a week to repair and be fixed back in position, on Wednesday the 10th of November, after a week unless any unforeseen circumstances prevented it.

Obviously there were no unforeseen circumstances, with the gate fixed yesterdayon time.