Better access from Wey into Guildford

Published: Thursday, 11 November 2021

THE redevelopment of riverside buildings in Guildford will result in better access to the town for boaters.

Guildford developmentPreventing access

It has long been a problem for boaters visiting the town from the river with limited moorings and the Debenhams building preventing access, Roger Fox reports.

But a new planning application for the redevelopment of Debenhams in Guildford that has been submitted would clear away the old building giving riverside space with plans for new access and riverside shops, bars and cafés. The image shows an artist's impression of the proposed development.

When the building is demolished it will clear the way into the town from—and of course tothe river for the first time in 50 years, with Robert Harris of developer Native Land explaining:

Riverside walkway

"Our plans for St. Mary’s Wharf aim to transform the outdated Debenhams building into a high-quality development with significant public space improvements, a riverside walkway, landscaping, and park, with new places to eat, drink and shop."

The store closed down when Debenham's went into administration in May this year.