Causing distress to woman boater

Published: Thursday, 28 October 2021

SINCE the original lockdown there has been much more activity on the canal towpaths, writes Jane Worthing.

Perhaps this is the result of the towpaths being used by many people who did not realise their existence, including those that are up to no good.

Causing distress

Since the big take-up of mobile phones, tablets, computers and the like there was a dropping of what I would call bad activity on the towpaths, but since more have got to discover them this activity has returned and I am finding myself subjected to abuse from teenagers that is causing me distress.

It was reading your 'Victor' and he telling of the quiet canals in the early mornings that I then managed to miss what  I would call yobs, but there are times, depending on where I am, as many will realise I have to move during the day, and get subjected to the problem of being brushed against by these yobs and having suggestive remarks made.

Keeping inside

At this time I am just along the canal towards Wolverhampton off the junction at Gas Street Basin [Birmingham] but am keeping inside, which is not my idea of boating, but there is late and too much rowdy activity on the towpath so I will be away early tomorrow out of the area and hope to get on the more peaceful Staff & Worcs though it means struggling down those awful 21 locks.

It is not really like it used to be and I think I shall be giving it all up and returning to the safety of bricks and mortar.

So sorry to be so depressive but it is getting to me.