Jogger knocks young woman off bike onto towpath

Published: Wednesday, 27 October 2021

A JOGGER on the towpath of the Worcester & Birmingham Canal grabbed a Just Eat cyclist knocking her off her bike and running off laughing.

Student  Josie Bennett, 23, was cycling along the towpath in Selly Oak making a delivery when a jogger jumped out in front of her, throwing her off her bike with her landing on the towpath sustaining injuries, Keith Gudgin reports.

Threw her off

Josie, who had taken up delivering food to supplement her limited income told that she was cycling along the towpath between Sainsbury's and Bournville when the unknown man jumped in front of her bike and threw her off.

The university student added that she hit the upgraded towpath head first and recollects hearing her attacker laugh as he ran away.

She was taken to hospital having sustained concussion, bruising and scrapes, and was treated then later released, asking:


 "What was his motive ? It was vindictive. I was way out of his way, not going too fast, I don't know who he was."

She was dressed in the distinctive Just Eat uniform and on the company bike outside the Dingle when the incident happened, with no one else around but the jogger.