Repairs started to damaged Llangollan lock

Published: Wednesday, 27 October 2021

REPAIRS have quickly started to the broken Quoisley Lock on the Llangollen Canal.

It has been discovered that the pin and lock plate have broken away from the bottom of the head gate preventing its operation, Keith Gudgin reports.

Have to be dewatered

To undertake the repair the lock will have to be dewatered, and we are told that the trust has established a method of repair for the lock.

This will be undertaken quickly as the Llangollen Canal has an advantage over the other waterways in that it supplies water from its source through the entire canal to Hurleston Reservoir that must keep flowing.

So though the fault was only reported yesterday, repairs are now underway!


As expected the repairs have been quickly attened to with the navigation re-opened yesterday (Friday 29th) at 2pm.