Cyclist attacked and robbed of bike on Birmingham towpath

Published: Wednesday, 27 October 2021

THERE has been yet another attack on a cyclist on a Birmingham towpath but this time his cycle was stolen.

David Frisby, 47, was attacked with a metal pipe and threatened with a knife for his mountain bike by three yobs on the Grand Union towpath at Small Heath in Birmingham.

Hit with metal bar

The yobs in tracksuits barred his path, one hitting him with a metal bar and another threatning with a knife leaving him no alternative but to surrender his mountain bike.

He was left with multiple injuries to his arm, wrist and back following beating on the 12th October near Bridge 91 on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal and losing his mountain bike, David relating:

"It was a bit of a shock. There were three lads in tracksuits waiting at that bridge. I thought they were just messing around. One grabbed my arm as I cycled by. I came down with a wallop and hit some railings.

"One of them turned around and said that if I didn't let go of the bike they'd stab me. I didn't see a knife, but as soon as they said that I let go of the bike. It was over quite quickly."

Very expensive bike

This was the very expensive Trek ProCaliber 9.7 mountain bike, worth £3,500, has the unique code: WTU102XD0229R, with people being warned to inspect any such bike that may be offered.

He informed the police the attackers were Asian men wearing grey tracksuits and black trainers.