Damaged Trent & Mersey bridge could take some time to repair

Published: Thursday, 25 April 2024

THE DAMAGE to the Trent & Mersey Canal bridge on the broad locks, it seems, could take some time to repair.

BarrowBridgeThis is because the damaged section of Barrow Bridge (16) is unsecure and could fall into the canal or towpath, Keith Gudgin reports.

It was on the 23rd April that the bridge was struck, it has been discovered by an heavy goods vehicle, that was attempting to negotiate the bridge, dislodging a huge section that is now precarious. It being in a position where it could break away and fall.

Waterway and towpath closed

So both the waterway and towpath are closed for safety, with Canal & River Trust telling that more information will be given in early May.

As to whether or not this will have an effect on boats attempting to reach Crick Boat Show is not yet known.

After the extent of the damage is assessed and a plan for the required repairs is known, the trust will be in a better situation to confirm as to whether it will be open in time or not.