South Stratford closed for weeks

Published: Thursday, 02 May 2024

THE South Stratford Canal is to be closed for 'a number of weeks' owing to requiring a new gate.

We are informed that this will take weeks to build and further weeks to get it transported and fixed, so the navigation could well be closed for months, Keith Gudgin reports.

Structural damage

The cause for the stoppage is structural damage to the bottom gate of Lowsonford Lock (28) that has made the lock inoperable. The trust's Reactive Response team has attended the site to assess the damage and has come up with a repair plan.

We are now informed that unfortunately, this isn’t going to be a quick-fix. A new gate will have to be manufactured, that could take a number of weeks as the workshop will need to procure materials and make the gate. The gate will then need to be transported to the site and fitted, which could also take a few weeks, Canal & River Trust relate.

So do not make any plans for cruising the canal for a while.