Work on the the Dumbles

Published: Saturday, 11 May 2024

MANY of you boaters may be wondering where on earth is the Dumbles but will have cruised past it and not known.

It is between the bridge by Mercia Marina entrance and the Dragon at Willington on the Trent & Mersey.

Adopted by Mercia Marina

It was 'adopted' from Canal & River Trust by Mercia in 2022 with its Volunteer Task Group and the Willington Community Conservation Group working in the Dumbles to improve its facilities.

They are active working as trustees and volunteers to improve the paths around the wood as well as the cleanliness and natural health of the Dumbles. It is a lovely wood across from the water entrance to the marina, and well worth a visit.

There are working session on the first Sunday of each month, the next one being 2nd June, with volunteers very welcome. Either meet at 9:45 at the marina office or at the Dumbles.

These sessions have been a positive way of involving the local community, from both the village and marina—with some people coming from further afield to help. There are regularly over a dozen volunteers taking part, working closely with staff from the trust.

The activities
Activities included:
♦ Protecting and enhancing the natural environment.
Repairing the perimeter fencing using natural materials such as fallen branches from the site, to encourage walkers to keep    to marked paths and not disturb wild areas.
Regularly clearing litter from the Dumbles and towpath.
Cutting back overgrowth around mature trees
Botanical and bird surveys to help us understand the diversity of species at the site.
Planting native bulbs and creating a wildflower meadow in the clearing
Putting up bird boxes provided by a local youth group.
Improving access
Creating and installing interpretation boards.

Over the last year the marina worked closely with Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to deliver Wild Wellbeing sessions in the Dumbles.

In 2024, we will continue to work with the trust  to benefit from nature, with activities sessions June to August, again inviting local involvement. In the meantime Community Conservation Group volunteers.