Huddersfield Narrow open—and closed!

Published: Wednesday, 20 October 2021

THE good news was that the leak had been 'resolved' between locks 14W and 15W and the navigation open after the seven days stoppage.

40E NarrowTerrific amount of leakage

The bad news is that there is—in Canal & River Trust's own wordsa terrific amount of leakage through the head gate/cill and clapperboard of Lock 40Eso the navigation is closed at Marsden.

This particular leakage means that it is impossible to maintain water levels in the pound above the lock.

So the team have moved from one stoppage to attend yet another, and one caused by sheer lack of maintenance, that is now to be expected.

May be quickly solved

Workers will be on site today, so depending on the scale of the problem there is the possibility that this stoppage may be quickly resolved.