Not such a welcome anymore

Published: Wednesday, 20 October 2021

MY WIFE and I often visited Teddington, which was her home town, writes Richard Attwood.

TeddingtonIslandWatch the world go by

One of the delights of each visit was to walk down to Teddington Lock, cross the top gates of the mighty barge lock and sit on one of the many benches, amongst the flower borders and watch the world, and boats, go by.

We have just paid another visit to Teddington Lock. The first since the pandemic. We were most upset to be not able to cross onto the lock island.

Restrictions now over

The Environmental Agency notice says the the area has been made into a controlled zone due to Covid. But Covid restrictions are now over?

The padlocked gate across the walkway looks very permanent. The lock island is now devoid of its flower borders and the many benches cannot be used.

Even more sadly Monty Python would not be able to film the hilarious fish slapping dance!