Stoke Bruerne lock open 'with care'

Published: Tuesday, 19 October 2021

THOUGH the stoppage notice states the navigation at Stoke Bruerne is closed, it is open 'with care'.

Excessive wear

The Grand Union Canal Top Lock at Stoke Bruerne suffered a failure Canal & River Trust tell, due to 'excessive wear' with the flight closed, Keith Gudgin reports.

stoke bruerne400We were then informed that after an attempted assisted passage through the lock with a boat it was decided it was not safe, as the condition of the heel post had deteriorated to the point where the water turbulence coming through the gate makes passage too dangerous.

However, we are now informed 'the gate has now been secured in a closed position, which means with care the lock is now functional for narrowboats until a more permanent repair can be implemented'.

Assisted passage

So boats are able to negotiate the lock between  10am and 3pm with assisted passage.

However, the lock remains under review, with the notice that 'there is no guarantee of making safe passage possible today, however we are exploring every possible option to reopen the canal'.

Sort that out if you can!