Enforcement company to administer mooring fees

Published: Thursday, 12 August 2021

A SPECIALIST enforcement company has been hired to enforce mooring fees at Henley.

District Enforcement have taken over responsibility for the moorings in Mill and Marsh Meadows on the Thames, with immediate effect, Alfred Overton reports.

Have to pay online

This means that boaters can no longer obtain permits from the parking machines but must now pay online using a location code.

The council state this is more convenient for visiting boaters, who it states have previously had to queue at machines, and it will deter a small number of people who misuse the facility.

Uniformed enforcement staff

There will be uniformed enforcement staff wearing body cameras carrying out regular checks at the visitor moorings and anyone in breach of the conditions will be issued with a charge notice.

Overnight mooring is £10, while a week costs £55. The maximum stay is 14 days. Spaces cannot be booked in advance but mooring is free from 10am to 3pm. Higher fees will apply during Henley Royal Regatta.

However, boaters will not need to leave their mooring if any strong stream warnings are in place and District Enforcement will not apply charges for overstaying in such circumstances.

Appeals process

District Enforcement tells it has a straightforward appeals process that anyone can follow if they feel a charge has been wrongly or unfairly applied.