'Plan of repair' for Leeds & Liverpool failure

Published: Thursday, 12 August 2021

INITIAL investigations have been completed and a plan of repair organised for the damaged cill of Lock 63 on Johnson's Hill Flight on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal.

Materials will have to be transported to the site by boat when they arrive near the flight, Keith Gudgin reports.

Engineers and contractors meeting

In the meantime the trust's engineers are meeting contractors on site today to arrange for safety, scaffolding and access.

Then dams will be installed and the lock dewatered to then be able to carry out a repair to the cill and the concrete apron.

SouthgateLCraneKennet & Avon Canal

Meanwhile work is progressing on the damage caused by the narrowboat lifting the gate off its foundations at Southcote Lock on the Kennet & Avon Canal.

It is now a matter of waiting for the return of the coping stones currently with the stonemason being shaped prior to installation.

Then the brickwork will be replaced and the gate will be re-hung then tested, with the lock hoping to be open by Friday 20th August at the latest.