'Voids' repairs fail again on the Huddersfield Narrow

Published: Thursday, 22 July 2021

THE repairs of the 'voids' on the Huddersfield Narrow have failed again and closed the navigation.

These have opened-up once again draining the pound between locks 29E and 30E half way between Marsden and Slaithwaite, closing the waterway, Keith Gudgin reports.

Already repaired twice

It was on the 10th of July when the voids first appeared, were repaired but opened-up again on the 2nd August and were repaired, and now opened-up yet again closing the canal.

The continuing failure shows that that the constant patching is not solving the problem, and affirm they are not just 'voids' as describe but a breach, and should be treated as such.

Short term repair

This morning, Thursday, engineers will undertake 'any short term repair measures in an attempt to raise the water level', but obviously a permanent solution must be undertaken.