Little hope for restoring Rochdale Branch Canal

Published: Thursday, 22 July 2021

DEVELOPERS taking interest in the line of the derelict Rochdale Branch Canal is worrying those wanting its restoration.

Industrial units are being planned for the land of the line of the waterway, with a 'Save Rochdale Branch Canal' online petition being launched, Alan Tilbury reports.

RochdaleBranchCanalCouncil not on board

Though this has nearly 2,000 signatures, it is feared that Rochdale Borough Council is not on board with the idea of restoration, with members of the Rochdale Branch Canal Group believing that time is running out for the branch restoration.

The branch runs for about a quarter of a mile from Bridge 50 on the Rochdale Canal towards the town centre, is mostly filled in but a member of the group tells that all of the stonework dating back to the 1790s is still intact, and that restoration of the neglected corridor 'is a 'marvellous asset which should be protected, improved and enjoyed by all', as there are problems with anti-social behaviour with boaters not feeling safe. The photograph shows the junction with the Rochdale and Rochdale Branch canals.

Lost forever

Members of the group are worried that unless action is taken soon to restore the branch, industrial units will be built over it and it will be lost forever.

The petition