Two more Leicester Section stoppages—one for a week

Published: Wednesday, 21 July 2021

IT will take a week to repair a broken ground paddle on a Leicester Section lock.

Lime Kiln Lock (43) in Abbey Park in Leicester in now out of action due to the water not equalising in the lock as it is leaking more than the top gate paddle will allow in water, Keith Gudgin reports.

lime kiln lock Abbey ParkCompleted a week later

Though this should be a fairly simple procedure, but perhaps due to the shortage of manpower, it is not scheduled to be completed until next Tuesday—a week later—on the 27th of July.

We are told it is the paddle frame of the towpath ground paddle needs repairing, but if this is not allowing the water in the lock to equalise this points to the other ground paddle also having a fault...

But whatever, the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal is once more closed to boaters for a week.

Ratcliffe Lock closed again

For the third time in two months Ratcliffe Lock (5) on the Soar is closed owing to the build-up of silt by the bottom gates, that has left the gate at an angle is has been reported, and so unable to be properly closed.

The local team were on site yesterday, Tuesday, trying to clear the silt and debris and assisting boats through, but without machinery this proved difficult.

Canal & River Trust state the situation will be reviewed and as soon as it has an update on the plan of action for this lock. It the meantime the lock is closed.

[This was the lock where we were stuck at its mornings owing to the build-up of silt, after the first attempt at moving it.]