Two more waterway drownings

Published: Wednesday, 21 July 2021

THE hot weather is causing people to take to the waterways, but with devastating consequences.

Two more bodies have been recovered from waterways, following the four previously listed, Alan Tilbury reports.

The search for the 16 years old boy who went missing by the Weaver is believed to have been solved, with the body of a boy now being discovered in the river.

Though formal identification had not yet taken place, the parents have been informed.

Aire & Calder

A 15 years old boy was pulled from the Aire & Calder Navigation at Knottingley making it the third death from drowning in Yorkshire over the past few days.

It was the emergency services that pulled the boy's body from the water on Tuesday, the boy dying at the scene, with Detective chief Inspector Tony Nicholson, warning:

Dangers posed by water

"This has been a tragic incident in which a boy has sadly lost his life and I would like to advise people of the dangers posed by open water.

"Even on days as hot as we have had recently, canals can still be very cold and cold water can cause cramps in even the strongest swimmers.

"Currents created by boats and water movements around locks and weirs can also be dangerous. There may also be items lurking beneath the surface that could cause injury."