Man on mobility scooter plunges into canal

Published: Wednesday, 21 July 2021

A MAN lost control of his mobility scooter on the towpath of the Nottingham Canal.

The 89 years old man and his scooter went off the towpath into the Nottingham Canal in the city into the water, where he was stuck in a standing position but unable to get out, with two walkers calling the emergency services, Keith Gudgin reports.

Stranded for half an hour

Altogether he was stranded for half an hour before he and his scooter were pulled out when police, fire crews and paramedics rushed to the scene to find that the scooter had landed upright in the canal.

Firefighters then helped the man from the water, who was fortunately not injured, before taking him to hospital for a check up.

He was quickly released and taken home.