Now three stoppages on the Aire & Calder

Published: Monday, 19 July 2021

IN ADDITION to the long running stoppage of the Aire & Calder, two more have been reported.

lemonroyd2The stoppage of its breach, from the 20th December last year, has now been followed with Lemonroyd Lock (pictured) out of action, but with not one, but two faults! Keith Gudgin reports.

Cannot be operated

The downstream pedestal will not accept a key and so cannot be operated and the upstream offside sluice has also developed a fault with a sluice not closing properly as the sensors will not align.

Woodnook Lock near Castleford is closed due to a 'structure failure', that we are told is a mechanical failure which is preventing the upstream sluice from operating fully.

So the lock has to be closed. The good news is that engineers are attending to these two lock failures.


Woodnook Lock now operational.