A problem with the gate?

Published: Monday, 19 July 2021

I MUST congratulate Stewart Downs on his excellent report of the problems of the gate [24] on the Kennet & Avon Canal, writes, James Henry.

It must seem strange to many that this gate is being lifted off its 'hinges' time after time, that points to a problem with its attachment.

Damaged loc24KAIn the same position

Before boards where put on to prevent a boat's bow being caught under a lock beam, I too found myself in the same position with my bow fender becoming trapped, but it certainly did not lift the gate off its foundations but held the bow down, upon which we immediately worked the paddles to release it. (Photograph by Stewart Downs.)

I should imagine in those days, especially with many boats with 'fixed' plastic fenders this was a common occurrence, that prompted the fixing of those boards on so many lock gates.

This happening three times on that particular lock in such a few years surely points to a problem with the gate's fixing, that needs attending to, and not just put back as it was, as there is little doubt it will happen again.