Victor proved right

Published: Wednesday, 30 June 2021

VICTOR is certainly being proved right when he told of the unreliable Leeds & Liverpool and Rochdale problems.

Both are experiencing more stoppages as, following those caused by swing bridge failures on the Leeds & Liverpool, comes notice of the Rochdale suffering another failure, this time by a pump, Keith Gudgin reports.

Water level cannot be maintained

The failure of the pump at Old Royd Lock (17) at Todmorden coupled with a leak means that the water level cannot be maintained, so the navigation is closed.

The pump that was installed has failed and there is a bad leak through the towpath side head paddle at Lock 16 which means the water in the pound to Lock 17 is too low.

Contractors are on their way, we are informed.


No luck with another stoppage on the Rochdale Nine, with further inspection of the split heel post on Lock 85 having shown that further work is required to make it reliable before a new bracket can be installed.

No intimation when this will be completed and the 'Nine' reopened.

Adding to its woes

Adding to the woes of the Rochdale, though this time not the fault of lack of maintenance, but a car in the canal between Littleborough and Rochdale that has closed the navigation between locks 48 and 49 until it can be removed.