"We have given up!"

Published: Wednesday, 30 June 2021

AFTER 16 years of enjoying the canals and rivers we have joined the many others who have given up boating, writes Julian Pearce.

The times either I or my wife have written to you of the enjoyable trips we have had over the years shows we are no hit-and-miss boaters but those that enjoy boating, but now the enjoyment has gone and it boils down to 'where will we be stopped' and 'will we be able to get back in time' as moored for the past six years on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal it is certainly hit-and miss.

Stuck or restricted

Looking back to our log we have been stuck at a broken swing bridge nine times and stuck or restricted by no water too many times to calculate as one restriction a few summers ago had it closed for months through lack of water and anyone cruising this canal and seeing the number of leaking gates will know why, and all this is in the last few years under Canal & River Trust.

That particular year we were restricted to just a few miles for two weeks' holiday and for those of you who suggest we should get away from the canal, well, we could not as we were completely marooned, as were many others, some of whom I may add have now disappeared.

We are sorry to go, having met some very nice people, but now it is far too much hassle, so goodbye, and good luck.