Vandals set fire to Birmingham Main Line lock gate

Published: Thursday, 17 June 2021

THE Birmingham Main Line is closed after vandals damaged Factory Lock (2) by fire.

The Tipton Green lock was damaged by vandals setting fire to a gate, leaving the Main Line now closed until a repair can be undertaken.

TiptonBurntLockCompletely out of action

It would hardly seem possible to burn the heavy timbers of a lock gate, but the vandal managed it, putting the lock completely out of action.

However, through traffic between Birmingham and Wolverhampton is still possible of course by the Wolverhampton Level.

A spokesman for Canal & River Trust explained that the lock was vandalised, telling:

Lock beam set on fire

"The lock beam has been set on fire, causing it to break away from the body of the lock gate resulting in the lock now being inoperable.

"As a result, Canal & River Trust has closed the lock flight to boaters until the lock and beam can be repaired."

It is expected that a temporary repair can be undertaken to get the lock back in working order, until it can be properly repaired.  But the stoppage in this case was certainly not the fault of the trust.