Two navigations reopened but two closed!

Published: Friday, 18 June 2021

TWO of the stoppages have reopened, but alas two new ones are reported.

Both Gunthorpe Lock on the Trent and Chicken Lock on the Rufford Branch have now reopened but two new ones take their place! Keith Gudgin reports.

'Rochdale Nine' closed again

Another stoppage on the Rochdale Canal with the 'Rochdale Nine' in Manchester closed yet again, with yet another heel post failure this time at Lock 85.

Once again we are told by Canal & River Trust it is 'working on a method of repair'.

ColwickCowsThis makes five closures on this waterway this year and the second on the 'Rochdale Nine'. The other failures were Grimshaw Lane Lift Bridge—twice and the summit pound.

Trent & Mersey quickly repaired

The rather busy Colwick Lock on the Trent & Mersey Canal failed with an issue with the a paddle and a lock gate, closing the navigation yesterday, Thursday.

But this was repaired very quickly with the lock reopened this morning.

This is the lock that gained itself the name of Cow Shit Lock—for obvious reasons, the picture showing the gate on to the lock!